An update to where I've been lately

I haven't posted on this blog for a wee while as it's been a busy time. I spent most of 2016 working in Canada on the TV series Tin Star. It'll be coming out later this year. Currently I'm winding up shooting the first three episodes of The Tunnel season 3. This has been a terrific shoot with a great team. 

The last two big jobs have allowed me to refine my equipment considerably to the point that I switched from a Gremsy H16 gimbal (a terrific gimbal) to the Freefly Movi Pro system. I've nothing against the Gremsy and it worked so well in Canada, but the Movi Pro is a stronger eco-system of batteries, handwheels and other controls. There are a few things that it can't do as well as the Gremsy but I feel it's a better system moving forward for my kit personally and to hire. 

Here's a flowchart I created to establish what pieces I need to make it all work. This is already a little outdated...

I've added a few things now. The Movi Controller currently has the handwheels and 702B monitor but I've maintained my Bolt 300 and 2 x sidekick kit for now. The Readyrig is being replaced with the Steadimate system for lifting the rig from below and the Easyrig parts for the puppeteer are permanently attached to the T Bar handles and also to the Movi Ring so I can switch between them. There are two mounts, a vibration Isolator (my Star model) and a Klassen hard mount.

I also have the cable cam nicely setup with the Movi Pro. I've switched out the radio control as it was buggy to a new DX6 with the new MoCo module added to the Flyline V2 for automatic end stops. This should be a real help. Lastly on the T Bars or Ring I've added the 503 Ultrabrite SmallHD monitor for daylight operating. Wow what a difference that makes. 

Below are some videos BTS of the Movi Pro in action on The Tunnel 3.