gear in action

Puppeteer added to The Gear!

I'm very happy to have added the Flowcine Puppeteer to my gear list. 

I feel that the Puppeteer is the missing piece of the gimbal puzzle when you want to operate smooth shots and be able to carry heavier cameras like Red Epics and such. 

The Puppeteer sits on the gimbal cross bar and allows an Easy Rig string connection to slide freely. It still takes the weight but now you can tilt smoothly in an arc. When you walk or run the gimbal is no longer affected by the movement of the Easy Rig string. 

The Puppeteer also is connected straight to the top bar, removing the top handle. This mean that you can lift the camera much higher, enabling eyeline shots difficult to achieve before.

My Flowcine Puppeteer is designed primarily for Movi and Gremsy rigs. DJI Ronin's mount to the top handle with a different tool interface. Please get in touch if you would like to use it with the Ronin, I can source the extra parts very quickly.

Also coming soon: The Serene extended arm. Allowing even more comfortable operation and an extended boom range

Check out details for hire of the Puppeteer here and don't hesitate to get in touch about it.